Selected Publications

Gjicali, K., Astuto, J., & Lipnevich, A. A. (2019). Relations among language comprehension, oral counting, and numerical knowledge of ethnic and racial minority young children from low-income communities. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 46(1), 5-19.

Karras-Jean Gilles, J., Astuto, J., Gjicali, K., & Allen, L. (2019). Sample Retention in an Urban Context: Exploring Influential Factors Within a Longitudinal Randomized EvaluationAmerican Journal of Evaluation.

Astuto, J., & Ruck, M. (2017). Growing up in poverty and civic engagement The role of kindergarten executive function and play predicting participation in 8th grade extracurricularApplied Developmental Science, 1-18.

Astuto, J., & Ruck, M. D. (2010). Early childhood as a foundation for civic engagement. In L. R. Sherrod, J. Torney-Purta, & C. A. Flanagan (Eds.), Handbook of Research on the Development of Civic Engagement in Youth (pp. 249-276). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Allen, L., & Astuto, J. (2009). Depression among racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse adolescents. In S. Nolen-Hoeksema & L. M. Hilt (Eds). Handbook of Depression in Adolescents (pp. 75-110). New York, NY: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Astuto, J., & Allen, L. (2009). Home visitation and young children: an approach worth investing in? Social Policy Report. Volume XXIII, Number IV. Society for Research in Child Development.

Cohen, A., O’Shea, G., & Medellin-Paz, C. (2009). Playgrounds as politics. In R. Carlisle (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Play in Today’s Society. (pp. 544-549). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Manuscripts Under Review & In Preparation

Astuto, J., Allen, L., & Medellin, C. (under review). A Randomized Control Trial of the ParentChild+ Program: Building on the Strengths of Latino Children Prior to School Entry. 

Astuto, J., & Cahalan, J., Medellin-Paz, C., & Allen, L. (2018). Development of the Early Childhood Time-Use Scale: Factors Affecting Educator’s Decisions on How Young Children Spend Their Day.

Selected Conference Presentations

Gjicali, K. (2016, June). Using Clinical Interviews to Understand the Relationship Between Pre-symbolic Patterns and Algebraic Thinking. Paper presented at the Jean Piaget Society annual conference in Chicago, IL.

Gjicali, K., Krumm, S., & Lipnevich, A. A. (2016, May). Understanding Mathematics Performance from Student Attitudes and Behaviors: A Multiple-Group Analysis Using International Student Assessment Data. Poster presented at the Modern Modeling Methods conference at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

Gjicali, K. & Astuto, J. (2016, April). Predictors of Early Numeracy and the Home Context as a Place for Learning. Study findings presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference in Washington, D.C.

Monje,I. & Astuto, J. (2016, April). Navigating the System: Experiences of Immigrant Latino Mothers in the Preschool Enrollment Process. Poster presented at the Annual Master’s Research Conference at the NYU Steinhardt Department of Applied Psychology, New York, NY.

Gjicali, K., Monje, I., & Astuto, J. (2016, January). The Impact of Family Factors and Early Language Comprehension on Latino Children’s Numeracy Skills at School Entry. Study findings presented at the 9th Annual Subway Summit for Research in Cognition and Education, New York, N.Y.

Karras-Jean Gilles, J., & Astuto, J. (2015, June).  Cultural Variability of Parenting Within Early Childhood: Using Exploratory Factor Analysis to Re-examine the Parent as a Teacher Inventory. Paper presented at the meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, Toronto, Canada.

Astuto, J. (2015, May). Power of Play: Opportunities that Promote the Engagement for our Youngest of Learners. (Chair). Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.

Astuto, J., Karras-Jean Gilles, J., & Ruck, M. (2015, May). Developmental pathways of civic engagement for low-income minority children: It begins in kindergarten. In J. Astuto (Chair), Power of Play: Opportunities that Promote the Engagement for our Youngest of Learners. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.

Medellin-Paz, C. (2015, May). Influences on how kindergarten teachers spend their time. In J. Astuto (Chair), Creating a context for the development of foundational skills and behaviors: The important role of play for early childhood classrooms. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.

Astuto, J. (2015, March). Early experiences matter: A wider concept of education as an essential tool for human development and social change in the Post-2015 agenda. In AXIOS, Misión, Mujer (Panel Host), Empowering Young Women’s Leadership as Human Capital in the Post-2015 Agenda. Panel conducted at the United Nations 59 Session on the Commission of the Status of Women, Axios Parallel Event, New York, NY.

Astuto, J., & Ruck, M. (2015, February). The developmental roots of civic engagement for poor children: it starts with play. Paper presented at the meeting of the U.S. Play Coalition, Clemson, SC.

Karras-Jean Gilles, J., & Astuto,  J. (2015, February). Play is a many splendored thing: An investigation of cultural variability in parenting values regarding play and learning. Paper presented at the meeting of the U.S. Play Coalition, Clemson, SC.

Medellin-Paz, C., & Astuto, J. (2015, February). Opportunities for playful learning in a post-NCLB kindergarten classroom: The ECTUS-P with New York City teachers. Paper presented at the meeting of the U.S. Play Coalition, Clemson, SC.

Karras-Jean Gilles, J., & Medellin-Paz, C., (2014, May). Challenging measurement tools that reproduce inequity: A critique of the home observation measurement of the environment from a critical sociocultural framework. Paper presented at the meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, San Francisco, CA.

Astuto, J., Medellin-Paz, C., Karras-Jean Gilles, J., Mootoo, C., & Allen, L. (2014, April). Home-based intervention and socioemotional gains: results from two randomized control trials with children of immigrants. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Alexandria, VA.

Yates, A. K., Ramsaran, L., Mahmood, N., & Medellin-Paz, C., (2013, April). Language development of immigrant and non-immigrant families in an urban community. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Seattle, WA.

Yetur, P., O’Shea, G., Medellin-Paz, C., & Astuto, J. (2011, March). Can we play now? Barriers and influences impacting kindergarten children’s access to choice time. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Research and Child Development, Montreal, Canada.

Invited Presentations

Medellin-Paz, C. (2018, August). Best Practices for Supporting Emergent Multilingual Learners (EMLL’s) in Head Start. Invited talk at the Head Start WestCOP Summer Institute, White Plains, NY.

Medellin-Paz, C. (2018, June). Strategies for Teaching Emergent Multilinguals Learners in Pre-K and K. Professional Development Trainer at the Long Island Nassau and Suffolk BOCES Pre-K Summer Institute, Wheatley Heights, NY.

Child and Family Policy Center Team. (2017-2018). Authentic Assessment Practices for Pre-K and K teachers through Literacy, Math, Science, and the Arts. Year-long Professional Development Trainers for the Long Island Pre-K Initiative, Wheatley Heights, NY.

Briefs & Reports

playLabNYU. (2018). Learning More about Home Visitation: RCT Evaluation of the ParentChild+ Program for Black and Latino Children Living in Poverty. A technical report to the ParentChild+ Program.

playLabNYU. (2018). Learning More about Home Visitation: RCT Evaluation of the ParentChild+ Program for Latino Spanish Speaking Children of Immigrants. A technical report to the ParentChild+ Program.

Astuto, J., Gjicali, K., & Medellin, C. (2016). Validity Psychometrics of the Parent and Child Together (PACT) and the Child Behavior Traits (CBT) Measures Across Two Samples in a Low-income Urban Context. A report to the Viking Foundation.

Child & Family Policy Center (2014, May 6). Playful learning, school readiness, and urban children: Results from two RCTs. NYU Steinhardt. Keynote presentation at Parent Child Home Program: National Conference, Uniondale, NY.

Selected Student Projects

Karras-Jeans Gilles, J. (2018). Socialization Trajectories of Civic Development: Examining Variation Among Children in Black Immigrant and African American Families. (Dissertation).

Medellin-Paz, C. (2015). Opportunities for Play-based Experiences in Post “No Child Left Behind” Kindergarten Classrooms: The Role of Training, Resources and Accountability Pressures in Meeting Best Practices(Dissertation)

Ramsaran, L. (2015).  The Impact of Current Nutritional Interventions on Childhood Obesity in Low-Income Brooklyn Neighborhoods.  (Master’s Thesis)

Reinhart, H. (2014). Social-Emotional Learning: The Value of Parent-Child Interactions Between African-American Mother’s and Toddlers. (Master’s Thesis)

Karras-Jean Gilles, J. (2012). Participant Research Engagement Within the Context of Evaluation Research. (Master’s Thesis)